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Reece McAllister – “I have got a legacy I need to finish in this sport”

Reece McAllister is arguably one of the best fighters to ever be produced from the UK. He has been on the big stage many a time and is no stranger to the pressures that the fight game brings. McAllister told Victory Promotions about his biggest accomplishments to date and he said; “I have won the whole TopKing World Series and was crowned TopKing World champion fighting with the some of the best fighters around the world.” Born and raised in County Durham, McAllister has been shaped and moulded by his dad, Gary McAllister who owns and runs Phoenix Thai Boxing in Shildon.

Reece announced his early retirement from fighting to pursue an opportunity that has arose for him – to live and teach in Jersey at Michael Blood’s Gym; Blood fitness. So, he spent the best part of 2017 in Jersey and he was excited to tell us; “my year has been good, I moved to Jersey, met some good people and learned a lot about myself. I have made some great memories with my fiancé and daughter now but I made a decision to move home and choose to compete again so, all in all 2017 has been good.” 10 months on now, the hunger to return to the ring has become so large, that Victory Promotions are pleased to be able to provide such a stage that he can come back on.

When asked what this fight means to him, McAllister replied, “this fight means the same as any other fight to me I always come to win.” With his work ethic that has been bestowed upon him through family heritage, it is clear that McAllister doesn’t come to mess about. He said he is feeling “hungry” for his return and in the promotional video Victory Promotions released that “He (Alex MacGregor) is just a stepping stone in his way.”

McAllister has benefitted from and fought on previous Lee Smith Memorial shows so fighting on this show has some sentimental value for him “(it is) always good fighting on the Lee Smith show, I have fought on a few of them now. They have helped me a lot over the years too, so it will be a great honour to fight on the last one.”

Now there is just two weeks to the Lee Smith Memorial Show: The Final, fight camp is well underway and McAllister explained to Victory that “my camp has been brutal, just as it is every time both physically and mentally. I’ve been to hell and back, I would like to invite any fighter to try a fight camp with my Dad and see if they can cope. He is another level, always looking for perfection and even when you do it right, it is wrong, but come fight night it will all pay off.” Gary McAllister, Reece’s dad, explained that he was excited to “have his best mate back,” these two working together create nothing short of a spectacle when it comes to fight night.

With him saying that he goes to hell and back in camp, it begs to ask, why does he fight? McAllister replied; “I fight because I want to be the best, I keep coming back because I have got a legacy I need to finish in this sport,” which only means one thing, he means business. When we spoke about the mental aspect of the game and his mental preparation he said; “As for a mental aspect throughout my camp I am being mentally prepared by my dad as he mentally pushes you to breaking point so come fight night I’m mentally strong and focused.”

The focus and drive of McAllister is only rivalled by the few but that is what champions are carved from. Victory Promotions and the Lee Smith trust is more than excited to have McAllister as the headline bout of the evening and wish him the best of luck in his career as we are sure that it will be a long and exciting one.  “Next for me is a fight on Yokkao against Singdam” already making plans to take on some of the best fighters in the world and Victory will look forward to working with him again in the future.

“For anyone wanting to look me up on social media I have a fan page Dad’slad Reece McAllister” McAllister added to for people to find him on Facebook, so go head, give his page a like and make sure you get your tickets to see him in action against Alex MacGregor on 2nd December. Tickets can be bought in the Victory Promotions shop… Keep your eyes peeled for a special BLACK FRIDAY EVENT coming this weekend!!

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