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Performance of the Night: Rebecca Garside

This young lady had a real Thai style and brought a performance that was worthy of this Performance of the Night award. Rebecca Garside was up against Helen Smith and dominated her from start to finish. Trained under the watchful eye of Gary McAllister, it seems that his fighters possess a venom that other fighters just don’t know how to deal with.

It must be said… Hats off to Smith, who really did not give up. She stayed on her feet and kept walking forward bringing the fight to Garside who just delivered a beat down her. Smith stood her ground and always pushed forward and showed true heart and determination.

Garside’s teeps drove straight through the middle and almost knocked Smith’s head off her shoulders. The whole crowd were lit up every time one of those demonic push kicks bellowed up from nowhere. As much as Smith would probably have liked to have avoided them, even as a spectator, they were difficult to predict. A delivery of true class and determination was showcased by Garside and a performance that would have been worthy of a main card slot.

A bright future lays ahead for her if she sticks it out and perseveres with her training and Victory Promotions would be very excited to have her on a future show, that’s for sure!!

Well done, Rebecca! The Performance of the Night award will be allocated on every future Victory Promotions show, alongside the Knockout of the Night and Fight of the Night to give recognition to fighters that deserve an extra moment in the spotlight.

Who else do you think put on a good performance, let us know in the comments below. Share this article and let everyone know who won… The Performance of the Night award!!

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