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Mark Amos replaces Matty Maguire in Four-Man Tournament

Mark Amos replaces Matty Maguire in Four-Man Tournament

Everyone who is involved with events organisation knows that the bouts are subject to change even as late as a couple of days before the event. There is quite a bit of time before 8th April and the night of Battle of the North II but we have already had to make an amendment to one of the lads fighting in the 4-Man Tournament.

Mark Amos at Battle of the North

Matty Maguire has been in touch with VP HQ and has said that he is unable to commit to his training because of personal reasons and for that he will not be able to compete in the 4-Man Tournament we had planned. But fear not, we have a very suitable replacement already lined up for the fight fans of Newcastle.

This gentleman will be coming from north of the border and has already fought on a Victory Promotions show before. Funnily enough, this guy has already fought one of the competitors in the 4-Man Tournament. The guy I am talking about is Mark Amos of SMTC. He took on Gary Laws in June last year in an absolute war at Battle of the North. If history is a prediction of future then Victory Promotions are sure that he will definitely bring a bang this time round.

So now the line up looks like this…

Leif Taggart (Chok Dee),
Gary Laws (Northern Kings),
Stephen Williams (Jai Suu) and
Mark Amos (SMTC)

VP are very excited for this and are sure that all of these four young lads will bring something special to the ring come the Spring. Keep up up to date over at the VP Facebook page too!

The tickets are still on special offer in our Shop:

They are flying out so don’t mess around in getting yours as the venue that Battle of the North II is being hosted at is only 400 capacity so don’t mess around!

Keep your eyes peeled for a full run down of where we are up to in terms of the matches we have arranged and where we are in terms of preparation for the show!

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