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Knockout of the night: Cervantes vs Morrison

With two units as big as these two in the ring, it was destined, that the fight would not go the distance. The ‘ Knockout of the Night’ award most definitely has to go to… Juan Cervantes!! Cervantes is now known for this jumping knee and is something that everyone, opponents and fans alike, should be watching out for. He has previously knocked opponents out with the jumping scissor knee and this fight was no different.

Solidifying the trilogy now with this second-round knockout, both Cervantes and Roan Morrison have given their all on all three occasions to see who comes out victor. With or without protective equipment, Cervantes took the win on all three encounters. In an interview with Victory Promotions, Cervantes mentioned that he has underestimated Morrison going into the IFMA Trails earlier this year but it is clear that he didn’t do this same this time round.

The jumping knee came from nowhere and looked as though it was brewed in the depths of hell. The whole crowd roared and jumped to their feet with excitement and when Cervantes was told he had won the KO of the night he said: “It feels amazing to get KO of the night! I’m still buzzing in a high from the whole event! The atmosphere was incredible, and what a way to round off the year!”

Victory Promotions and the Lee Smith trust would like to thank Juan Cervantes for coming on to the show and would like to congratulate him on winning the ‘Knockout of the Night’ award.

Next up is the ‘Fight of the Night’ award, who do you think is going to take the crown?

Don’t forget to head over to the Victory Promotions social media accounts and keep your eyes peeled for fight videos coming very soon!


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