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Keith McLachlan vs Isaac Araya

Keith McLachlan vs Isaac Araya set for Battle of the North II

Battle of the North II
Keith McLachlan and his 3x WBC titles.

So we have some exiting news for you here at VP HQ. With works busy going on in the background solidifying fights for the next event (8th April 2017), we have the first of our fights to announce and it will definitely not disappoint the fight fans. It will be the main event of our Battle of the North II show.

These two fighters are no stranger to the limelight. On one hand we have 3x WBC champion (British, European and Intercontinental) and all round nice guy Keith McLachlan on the other hand we have Spanish WMC champion Isaac Araya. Both of these fighters bring a bang when they get in the ring and we are buzzing at VP HQ to have these two fighters on our show!

Keith fights out of the Griphouse gym in Glasgow and is no stranger to fighting with the top names in the sport. He has fought on the top shows in the UK, YOKKAO, The TankĊ Main Event, Oran Mor and many more. He has already solidified his legacy on the UK Muay Thai circuit and is now looking to make his stamp on the international scene.

Battle of the North II
Isaac Araya with his WMC title

We are delighted to be able to bring a top Spaniard over from the Shoothon Gym in Spain and again, is no stranger to the big stage. He has fought on Super Muay Thai in Thailand, the E-1 World Championships in Hong Kong and is now on his way to Newcastle England to take on the UK No.1 Keith McLachlan. He boasts a fight career that spans over a decade and we are sure that Isaac will be a valuable addition to the Battle of the North fight card.

The roof will be raised for this one and we are very proud to be able to bring this international prestige bout to our show! More information will be coming soon regarding ticket sales and the new shop on the VP website. But for now, enjoy these two fights that showcase the two fighters we have on our show.

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