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juan cervantes vs roan morrison ukmf senior trails

Juan Cervantes vs Roan Morrison – The most anticipated trilogy of 2017!

Victory promotions have teamed up with the Lee Smith memorial to bring fight fans from all over the country a treat: Juan Cervantes vs Roan Morrison for the UKMF 82.5kg British title!

Having met in the square circle twice already, both Juan Cervantes (Northern Kings) and Roan Morrison (Hanuman Edinburgh) are putting their bodies on the line for the third time. This time it is for the UKMF 82.5kg British title. Cervantes comes into this fight with the upper hand, as he has been crowned victor in the previous two encounters.

Both gentlemen come from a good, well-schooled background; fight fans are in for a treat with this one as both fighters always bring a bang when they step in the ring. Both bringing a wealth of knowledge to the ring, spectators at the Gateshead Leisure Centre won’t know what hit them when they bear witness to one of the most anticipated trilogies that they will both have to go through.

Having already beaten Morrison in both prior outings, Juan Cervantes remains confident that he will make this a trilogy. Cervantes has a feat of athleticism that has put many a fighter down before. Most recently, an impressive jumping knee knockout on the Ringstars show earlier this year at the NE6 suite in his adopted hometown. His agility and ability to bite down on his gumshield and go to war is something that sets him apart from other fighters in his weight category.

On the other hand, Morrison is out to reclaim his two-fight loss streak with Cervantes and take the UKMF British title north of the border to Edinburgh, where Morrison lives and trains. Morrison is coming from some time out of the ring. He has spent this time running Hanuman, travelling and training throughout this time, he is ready to jump back in and lay this beast to bed.

Both fights previously have been fought in the UKMF trials under the IFMA ruleset, with 3×3 min rounds and protective equipment worn. This bout will be without the protective equipment and they will both have the full 5x3min rounds to take advantage of.

So, does this mean that Morrison will be able to tap into his brute force and put Cervantes to work, or will the North East adopted Mexican, Cervantes’ work rate prove too much for Morrison for the third time? The only way to find out will be to come along to the show, support an amazing cause and be a part of what is set to be a fantastic night of Muay Thai action.

Come and celebrate the finale of the Lee Smith Memorial show with a night full of Muay Thai match-ups and more. Looking for something to do with your work Christmas night out? What better way to start your festivities with a night of action packed, world class Muay Thai. Bookings to be made through the VP Shop.

Tickets on sale soon in the Victory Promotions shop.

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