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Jonny Chapelow vs Shane Farquharson

Jonny Chapelow vs Shane Farquharson – Two Friends, One Goal

Both Jonny Chapelow and Shane Farquharson have known each other for some time. They have trained together, lived together and now they will be fighting each other. Farquharson and Chapelow were set to fight each other on the Kiatphontip show earlier this year but, due to an injury sustained by Farquharson the fight didn’t go ahead.

Victory Promotions and the Lee Smith trust are very pleased to bring these two hungry warriors together in Gateshead for the ‘Lee Smith Memorial Finale.’ After catching up with both Chapelow and Farquharson, they both seem very excited and very knowledgeable about the art of Muay Thai.

Having lived and trained together while out in the motherland of Muay Thai, must definitely add an extra layer of complexities to overcome as they are both very friendly outside of the ring, but they will have to lay all that aside and go to business come fight night.

Chapelow, who trains out of Craig Willis’ Hanuman Thai Boxing in Darlington has been fighting for a number of years now will look to bring his A-game to Farquharson who is trained under the watchful eye of the Kiatphontip owner, Jompop and his team.

To say that the fight fans all around the UK will be excited for this show, is a total understatement. There are top-class talent coming from all areas of the UK to support the Lee Smith Memorial Show in its finale. Farquharson mentioned that this fight is the warm up fight to set him up for an active 2018, after a quiet year this year, he will be looking to set 2018 in style.

Who do you have taking the win? Who are you backing?

Will young Farquharson’s energy and diversity be too much for Chapelow? Or will Chapelow’s work ethic and power put Farquharson to rest?

Tickets on sale now – contact your local fighter/gym for them or go to for more information

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