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Graham Kay: “Alex isn’t Coming to Make Up Numbers”

We caught up with SMTC Gorgie coach Graham Kay, who tells us about meeting Alex MacGregor, and seeing a young, talented fighter develop into one of the top -70kg fighters to come out of Scotland.


I first met Alex at the start of 2015 and quickly become good friends with him as well as coaching him with John Craig and Kev Hughes.

He already had a few wins under his belt when I first met him, but he had no ego. All I saw was this 19-year-old kid who wanted to learn everything he could, sometimes faster than he was physically able to.

Before I knew it I was volunteering to come to the gym before class to hold pads and he would be there shadow boxing/hitting the bags and drilling what he had learned! It was never an issue because he has always had the attitude of a beginner in love with Thai Boxing.

He was fighting as often as he physically could, only having 3-4 fights when I first met him he learned quickly, he would literally fight anyone! He was as tough as they come and very fit, especially for kid with as little experience as he had; he had only been training a year when I met him.

“Alex isn’t coming just to make up numbers, he’s coming to win.”

A testament to how fast he was learning was going from C-Class straight to A-Class, winning a Scottish title along the way and also fighting Allan Strachan, who at the time, I believe was Scottish #1 at his weight.

Things just kept progressing in 2016, and then February this year he fought a very good performance against a well ranked fighter in Jackson Barkhouse, setting a pace that many thought and said he wouldn’t be able to maintain, but trust me when I say this; Alex would have went at that pace for 10-rounds. I know this from being in the gym with him for six weeks.

This is where it gets interesting. I spoke with Alex on the phone for over an hour on Saturday and he was telling me he was meant to fight in Thailand before he fights Reece, but had decided to pull from this fight as he wanted a solid 6-8 weeks to train for Reece, which is a testament to how serious he’s taking this fight.

Since April Alex he has been in Thailand, having 11 fights and losing just 1. The experience he has amassed in this short space of time has developed his skills that will put a test to any man.

Make no mistake about this; “Alex isn’t coming just to make up numbers, he’s coming to win.”

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