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Full fight card and final changes

Final Fight changes

Callum Ashley vs Paul Morris Junior Muay Thai bout
Callum Ashley vs Paul Morris Junior Muay Thai bout

So as much as we would all love, when making a fight card, for the fights remain unchanged but as every on knows. Accidents happen, people get ill and circumstances out of their control crop up which means that they are no longer able to participate. It is a part of the sport.

As a result of unforeseen circumstances there have been two changes to the fight card. Claire Clements opponent has once again changed and now so has the style. She will now take on Portugese Ines Caldeira in a K-1 bout at 65kg. This is the second time that Claire’s opponent has changed. Sian has had to withdraw from Battle of the North due to medical reasons that are out of her control. We wish Sian a speedy recovery.  We hope to see her back in the ring very soon!

Finally Toby Smith has been injured and can no longer fight Callum Ashley. We have had Paul Morris from The Faktory Gym in Newcastle in to kindly take the place to be an opponent for Toby. We hope toby recovers from his injury and we are sure that we will see him on a future show from Victory Promotions.

Here we have the full fight card for you:

Full fight card for Battle of the North

Matty Maguire (Phoenix Muay Thai) v Stephen Williams (Jai Suu ) 61.2kg North East Area Title (B CLASS Muay Thai)
Chris Thirkell (Northern Kings) v Luis Sant’Anna (KO TEAM Portugal) 80kg (K-1)
Claire Clements (The Faktory) v Ines Caldeira (KO TEAM Portugal) 65kg (K-1)
Ellis Corrie (Phoenix Muay Thai) v Alex McGregor (SMTC ) 67kg (B Class Muay Thai)
Chris Mills (Jai Suu ) v Piers Gray (DRAGON’S gym) 69kg (C Class Muay Thai)
Gary Laws (Northern Kings) v Marc Amos (SMTC) 60kg (B Class Muay Thai)


Claire Clements vs Ines Caldeira 65kg K-1
Claire Clements vs Ines Caldeira 65kg K-1

Jack Bullock (Northern Kings) v Daniel Ball (The Unity) 77kg (C Class Muay Thai)
Jonny Winn (Northern Kings) v Reece Drummond (MASAAC) 62kg (K-1)
Carl Morris (The Unity) v Rhys Quinn (PHOENIX Muay Thai) 80kg (C Class Muay Thai)
Ellie Barker (Auckland Martial Arts ) v Shannon Hands (The Faktory) 48kg (Junior Muay Thai)
Paul Morris (The Faktory) v Callum Ashley (Jai Suu) 63kg (Junior Muay Thai)
Billy Barnett (The Unity) v Stephen Besford (Northern Kings) 67kg (C Class Muay Thai)
Anthony Marley (Phoenix Muay Thai) v Connor Lewis (The Unity) 32kg (Junior Muay Thai)
Josh Bamford (Northern Kings ) v Luke Morris (The Unity) 32kg Vacant North East Area Title


Hopefully there will be no further changes to the card but if there are they will be updated directly on the Victory Promotions Facebook page. We still have some tickets left so if you need a ticket for this weekend you can contact any of the fighters that are fighting on the show or contact us directly and we can get them sent to you or left on the door.

We are very much looking forward to putting this show together now. We are in the final stretch. The weigh-ins will be held at The Fight Store Pro shop in Newcastle on Friday for those who are weighing in the day before. Keep an eye peeled for any further updates!

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