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Fight of the Night: Farquharson vs Carrillo

This fight was one for the purists. What a brilliant display of technique and heart from both fighters. Nico Carrillo and Shane Farquharson weren’t originally destined to clash at the Lee Smith Memorial show. However, fate brought these young warriors together to produce a fantastic presentation of the art of eight limbs for the crowd at Gateshead leisure centre.

It started with Farquharson gaining the upper hand early on, maybe his experience giving him the edge but Carrillo’s compassion and want for the win soon became apparent. It was set to be a brilliant fight, the pair of them spending their time working out their opponent, with Farquharson edging the lead. There are many variable factors that could have led to the result on the night, as with any fight, but it looked as though Farquharson was tiring in the later rounds, which is where Carrillo came alive. Landing big body shots, eventually stopping Farquharson.

Securing himself a knockout in round 4 of the 5-round battle, Carrillo adds an impressive name to his resume and gains countless new fans south of the border. It was a brilliant fight and one that will be remembered by everyone who was there that night. Both of these young men have a bright future ahead of them in the sport and hope that, one day, they will both meet again in the ring.

What did you think of the fight? Was there another fight that stood out to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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