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Ellis Corrie interview

Ellis Corrie vs Alex MacGregor

Fight Announcement!

Ellis Corrie (Phoenix Muay Thai) vs Alex MacGregor (Gorgie Fight Gym) 67kg B-Class Muay Thai bout

Yet another fantastically exciting fight for everyone! This one is one that we are very excited to be sharing with everyone, a fight that I am sure will go down a treat with fight fans all over the country. Both of these fighters will definitely bring the spectators something to remember.

Ellis Corrie
Ellis Corrie

Ellis trains at Phoenix Muay Thai under Gaz McAllister, I had a quick chat with Ellis about how he got into the sport and what his plans for the future are. He is a young man with aspirations to achieve greatness! Here is what he said: “Hi I’m Ellis Corrie, starting training from the age of 6 and started fighting from the age of 7 I got into thaiboxing because I was bullied when I was younger and grew a strong feeling towards Thai boxing and loved to fight and be inside a ring that’s so competitive, my training is going really good been working on some new style of training which is working really effectively and is showing that when sparing and on the pads, I’m feeling confident with the fight against Alex as I know I have one of the best teams behind me and I have 100% trust in them to prepare me for this fight and to win in a confident and in good style, my aims for the future is obviously to leave a stamp on Muay Thai as a whole and achieve as much as I can in the sport and leave a legacy for young future champions to look up to and work towards”

With over a decade of experience Ellis is definitely one to watch in these next few years. He was a nice guy to have a chat with, we had spoke about his game plan and what he had been working on in the gym. His opponent is ready for him by the sounds of it too! Alex MacGregor who trains out of Gorgie Fight Gym in Edinburgh is sounding as though he is coming down to make a statement to us over the borders! A fantastic opportunity for both fighters to showcase their skills to a brilliant crowd!

Alex and I caught up with each other too: “My name is Alex MacGregor, I’m currently 20 years old living in Edinburgh. I began training Muay Thai in the beginning of 2014 after bumping into an old friend who mentioned he was training Muay Thai, the name of it sounded so exotic and interesting that I began to ask more. That same night I walked through the doors of the gym knowing barely anything about the sport or what it really was. I continued to train over the next few months wit

Alex MacGregor
Alex MacGregor

h the intention of doing the one fight before leaving to go travel France. After 4-5 months I was offered a fight on a home show in September. I found the experience so thrilling that I told myself “just one more and then I will leave”. Two fights quickly became three and by my 4th fight I realised I had developed a strong love for the spirit of Muay Thai and was completely hooked. I decided to ditch my plans for France and began to put 100 % focus into The sport. In the past few months I’ve had brilliant preparation for all my fights, I have had a really strong team of experienced guys at the gym who are always taking the time to come down early in the mornings, hold pads for me, put me through my paces and then we train again at night, 6 days a week with the addition of a lot of running through the week also. I couldn’t possibly praise them enough. I fought the Number 1 fighter in Scotland at 67kg last month and we had a great fight which I loved. The full Thai rules format suits my style. My next fight is against one of the best fighters, Daniel Jedrzejewski for a Pro UKMF belt at 66.6 kg and I am looking forward to adding Ellis Corrie to the list of great fighters I have shared a ring with. The first show I ever went to/fought on Ellis Corie was the main event against one of our more senior fighters at the time so to now be stepping up and sharing the ring with him has got me super excited and training harder than ever. In the future I’m looking to get about 15-20 fights experience (I’m currently on 8 but will have had 9 or 10 by the time Ellis and myself fight) before leaving to Thailand to fulfil my dream of training, living and fighting there in the heart of Muay Thai

He was such a nice guy to have a chat with and I am sure has a very bright future in Muay Thai and I am sure that both of these fighters will put on a fantastic show for us here at Victory Promotions!

You can get tickets from your local fighters or you can drop us an email and we can ship them to you. You will be in for a treat with the fights that we have lined up for you on the 25th June in Newcastle.

A night that I am sure will be the making of Victory Promotions and Ellis and Alex will be included in the making of that! What do you think of this one? Let us know below.

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