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Ellis Corrie interview

Ellis Corrie interview for Battle of the North

Ellis Corrie interview for Battle of the North 

Ellis Corrie is well known in the North East and is definitely an exciting fight to have on the Battle of the North show next week! He trains down at Phoenix Muay Thai under Gaz McAllister and is it clear that he is coming to make his presence known at the show!

He too, along with him team mates has been training exceptionally hard for this fight, one of which I am sure will be a very exciting fight for us to watch. Ellis will be taking on Alex MacGregor from the borders of Scotland which I am sure will be a very tough fight for him too!

Tickets are available from the fighters and also directly from us The event is being held at Scotswood Sports centre in Newcastle upon Tyne on 25th June. It is an event not to be missed. To keep posted on the progress of the show, head over to our Facebook page, Twitter page and also subscribe to our YouTube channel for more interviews and news!


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