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Fight announcement – Chris Thirkell vs Matthew van Lierop

‘Victory Promotions presents: Battle of the North’ 25th June

Fight Announcement! K1 fight @ 78kg – Chris Thirkell vs Matthew van Lierop

Chris Thirkell (Northern Kings) is set to take on Matthew van Lierop (Dragon’s Gym) in our upcoming

Matthew van Lierop
Matthew van Lierop

event on 25th June.  ‘Victory Promotions presents: Battle of the North’ is the first of its kind but with the fights that we have lined up for you it is not going to be the last.

These two fantastic fighters will go head to head in a K1 bout at 78kg next month at the Scotswood Sports Centre in the west end of Newcastle upon Tyne. I am sure that both of these warriors will come to throw down and make their presence known on the North East scene!

We are very happy to have them showcasing their talent on our first show! Interviews will come and fighter profiles will be made of them. Chris will be making his debut in K1, he is known for his time spent in the cage as an MMA fighter but is looking to broaden his horizons and branch out to gain more experience as a martial artist.

Chris Thirkell
Chris Thirkell

He posted on Facebook: “Right guys I’m fighting on June 25th in what will be my first K1 fight ever, obviously I’ve had mma fights and as most of you know I’m a decent grappler how ever I want to develop the stand up aspects of my game and I see the K1 style of fighting as a great route”

As for Matthew he is the more experienced of the two in terms of Muay Thai/K1, he is the Northern Area title holder at his respective weight and he will be fighting later this month on one of the UK’s biggest shows The Tankō Main Event and we wish him all the best on his fight there too! A fantastic first fight for us to announce. If you want tickets to come and see these two, you can either contact the fighters or email us and we can send them to you!

Where will you be on 25th June?

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